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Department History

In 1954 the members of our community got together and donated time, money, and effort to found The Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department. Countless hours have been given to help save life and property in the district.  Many of our friends and neighbors gave up time at work and home, not only to respond to emergencies, but to attend the many hours of training necessary to be proficient at their duties. 

We look back on the past members of this department and honor them for the sacrifices they made to help protect their community.  Those of us serving now are the recipients of a great amount of community trust built by the firefighters that went before us, and we strive to act in a way that carries on with this proud tradition.

In 2007 the department changed its name to Evergreen Fire Rescue in order to reflect the increased demand for emergency medical and rescue services we provide in Evergreen. The District felt that with the increased population and EMS emergencies in Evergreen it was necessary to begin an ambulance transport service in addition to fire suppression.

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Evergreen Fire Rescue

Evergreen Fire Rescue

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